How to Cancel Ex Machina Action via Static Console


I have an Ex Machina project that has been running over 15 hours and I would like to stop it via static console. What are the commands needed to do that if possible?

I can confirm the project action is still running because if I try to run any node from that same project, an error message pops up stating that the project already has an action executed and the amount of time that has passed since that action was started in seconds.



Not sure, as Ex Machina runs on a dedicated Spark cluster and not directly on C3 cluster!

From console, can you see the action with Clusrer.dumpAction()?
If so then get it’s id, then call Action.interrupt({id: 'target-action-id'})


Hi Andrew. As of today there is no functionality to terminate a running project from the console. You CAN terminate the actions associated with the C3 cluster (a fetch or evalMetrics for example) as above but the only way to end the Ex Machina project is from within the project itself. In your case it looks like this wasn’t available due to a separate disk space issue that I’ll follow up with you on separately.`