How To Add An ActionRuntime on your Tag


Here’s an example of how to add an ActionRuntime on your tag (and any tag that this code is provisioned to.

On the package.json file, add a runtimes map entry.

The package.json represents an instance of a c3ShowType(MetadataPackage). So check this type out for a few more details.

    "name": "packageName",
    "description": "Description of package",
    "author": "author",
    "dependencies": ["packageDependentUpon"],
    "runtimes": {
        "runTime_Name": {
            "language": "Python",
            "runtime": "CPython",
            "modules": {
                "conda.pyopenssl": "",
                "conda.requests": ""
            "repositories": [

`runTime_Name` = you get to name/define an id for your runtime. This becomes the id that you reference in @ihleonard's post:

For information on modules and repositories, checkout `c3ShowType(ActionRuntime)`