How does describe block run after it block in jasmine test?


In a jasmine test, with the following structure,

describe {
it { }
it { }
describe { }
describe { }

Will the two inner it blocks run first sequentially, then the two inner describe blocks run in parallel?


They probably run sequentially in practice, but I don’t think you’re suppose to make it{} blocks depend on each other, so your tests are independent. Any dependencies should probably be captured in the beforeEach() and afterEach() blocks, where there is a well defined run order.

There are packages out there to run jasmine tests in parallel, so you should write your jasmine tests to be able to be run in a parallel fashion:

I think my comment above (especially the link) is misleading. Seems like there is another package for breaking up a jasmine test file so describe blocks can be run in parallel, but I’m not sure if there are any that make it blocks run in parallel.

This next post says that they don’t run in parallel by default.