How do you disable ACLs?


How do you disable ACLs on the VADProject type? I believe there is a TenantConfig that does this but I forget what it is.

@scottk ?


To disable ACLs on the VADProject type you need to update the “VADProject_EnableAclPrivilege” EnableAclPrivilege record (type is EnableAclPrivilege) and set enabled to false.

var acl = EnableAclPrivilege.get("VADProject_EnableAclPrivilege");
acl.enabled = false;

Note that disabling ACLs on the VADProject type will result in Ex Machina projects being visible to all users.


A tutorial about ACL is available in C3 IoT Tutorials on your environment.


Disabling ACLs is a bad idea, better create proper AclPrivilege to connect VADProject to Member (i.e. AdminGroup, Role and User) instances.
I did document my experience working with Access control in this ACL tutorial.