How do I test a new Role?


It seems that the Role type is facaded Metadata. I’m working on developing a new Role for my application, but anytime someone provisions to another tag in our tenant, the Role I’d previously provisioned just disappears. Is there a special way I should be testing a new Role?


Are you checking-in the Role into GitHub and is everyone deploying from the same branch? It sounds like your team is deploying to the same tenant/tag from different branches. As a Role is metadata, it should be provisioned just like any other metadata. During provisioning, only provisioned metadata will be available. Hence, if someone is deploying from a branch that does not have your Role, provisioning will remove it. Similar behavior will exist with Types, etc.

I’d recommend you create you developer tags in the tenant for each developer. Do your testing in your developer tag, and then promote your changes to master. Use tenant/prod as the tenant to test changes from all developers once they’ve been merged to master.


This is a development environment, so each developer has their own tag and is deploying from their own topic branch.


Matt, yes you are right, Roles are metadata and are facaded to C3 tag, so every time someone provisions the Roles will be reset. Can you create a separate tenant for this kind of testing?