How do I create an enum type?


I’m trying to create an enum type, but I haven’t been able to find any documentation.

I used c3ShowType to look up the Interval enum and view the declaration of the type and the fields, which gave me the following syntaxes:
enum type Interval
SECOND: string constant 'SECOND'

This led me to try to create my own enum type using the following syntax:

enum type Foo {
  BAR: string constant 'Bar'

However, I receive the following error:
[Message] Invalid metadata in tag Slooz in tenant project: in "project/enum/Foo.c3typ": project/enum/Foo.c3typ [3,7] E no viable alternative at input 'string'

What’s the correct syntax for creating an enum type?

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It can look something like this:

enum type Interval {
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