How can I find out what version of c3-tester-node I have?


How can a platform customer run c3-tester-node?
What options do I have?
I know I can run c3-tester-node in the browser but how do I know what version I am running?
How do I set up my own Jenkins pipeline to build my application?
Where can I download c3-tester-node to run on my own machine?

Is running the c3-tester-node in the browser the same as

c3-tester-node -e myUrl ... -t myTenant -g myTag -- my/test/file

I get inconsistent errors between running in the browser and running on my machine with the above line. Mainly in the test where I am testing a function to not throw an error. In the browser I get no issue but on my local machine I get

Error: 'expect' was used when there was no current spec, this could be because an asynchronous test timed out
it('should not throw error', function() {
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