How can I delete FileDataMeasurements?


How can I delete FileDataMeasurements matching a filter? say
Filter.eq('', 'WellsRV_Auxillary_Pump_Speed--W_086e2d75')

I observed there is a method on FileDataMeasurement named removeIndexed but I am not sure if I can achieve what I need with it.




  • Removes multiple instances of a C3 type based on a filter expression. When possible the remove will be
  • accomplished with multi-row DELETE statements at the SQL level. When that is not possible, the remove is
  • processed row by row (using batching). In that case the operation may take a very long time for a large data set.
  • If archiving is enabled, the instances will not be physically removed. Instead they will be serialized to XML and
  • saved in the archive table for the type. Archived entries can be recovered by calling the {@link unremove}
  • function.
  • @param removeFilter
  •    Filter to specify which instances are to be removed.  Valid filter expressions follow the same rules as in
  •    {@link FetchSpec.filter}.  If not specified, all instances will be removed.
  • @param allowMultiRowProcessing
  •    When true, if the operation can be handled via multi-row SQL operations it will.  If false, or the operation
  •    can't be handled with multi-row SQL operations (e.g. invalidation requirements), then objs will be
  •    fetched/batched and used to call removeBatch.  Default is false.
  • @param disableAsyncProcessing
  •    Disables any downstream asynchronous processing that would happen as a result of the operation (e.g. calc
  •    fields).  This should only be specified when absolutely necessary and when the result of doing so is
  •    completely understood.  If you don't know, DON'T USE IT.
  • @return the number of objs removed.
    removeAll: function(removeFilter: string, allowMultiRowProcessing: boolean, disableAsyncProcessing: boolean): int

Be very careful to include the filter or it will remove everything in the type.



The methods remove and removeAll are unavailable on FileDataMeasurement



Can you file a ticket? Having a removeAll on FileData makes sense



Bumping this thread!

Without remove, FileDataMeasurements are difficult to test with Jasmine. TestApi attempts to assign an id field when using createEntity or createBatchEntity, which returns:

C3Error: Extraneous property "id" on object type "FileDataMeasurement". [MakeValidationError]

It can be created outside the TestApi scope, but then a remove method is required.



There is an open ticket to add this api, but in the meanwhile you can remove it using:

S3.deleteFiles(FileDataMeasurement.rawDataEndPoint(‘WellsRV_Auxillary_Pump_Speed’), true)