Highcharts popup not highlighting the the proper series


I’ve a highchart defined in EnergyAnalyzerChart.js, I’m experimenting the same problem as here.

The problem is basically that the popup dialog does not highlight the correct series whenever I move the mouse around a given one. In the picture below, I was selecting the Internal Temperature series but it was the External Temperature series that was highligted:

It’s seems that the hover state is used to add the <b> tag to the series text:

var boldTagOpen = (point.series.state == 'hover')  ? "<b>" : "";  

This state is not updated properly, so I tried to listen to some mouse events (like over, out) but more then one series receives the over event!

            plotOptions: {

                area: {
                    stacking: 'normal'
                series: {
                    shadow: false,
                    animation: false,
                    marker: {
                        radius: 0
                    events: {
                        click: function (event) {
                            console.log(this.name + ' click');
                        mouseOver: function (event) {
                            console.log('Moused over ', this.name, this.state);
                        mouseOut: function (event) {
                            console.log('Moused out ', this.name, this.state);

How to fix the pop up?


I tried the workaround mentioned in the issue but it’s not working, the following code snippet is not even called?

  Highcharts.wrap(Highcharts.Pointer.prototype, 'getHoverData', function (proceed, a, b, c, isDirectTouch, shared, f) {
    var directTouch = shared ? false : directTouch;
    return proceed.apply(this, [a, b, c, directTouch, shared, f]);


@bachr . can you find out which version of Highcharts c3 is importing into your environment? It may not be the newest. The issue you linked states that it was fixed in v5.0.10.
Not sure if the code not getting called is another issue or not. But I’d at least check the version.


I’m running server 7.2 and I’m not able to find the exact highcharts version! but as I’m see this error I guess it’s an old version.


We are using Highstock 2.1.9 (2015-10-07)

Most changes listed under Highcharts 4.1.9 above also apply to Highstock 2.1.9.
Added new option, rangeSelector.height, to reserve space for buttons and input.

We should upgrade it soon.


Thanks @Zicheng for the clarification about the version.

What do you suggest for solving the popup problem?