Hierarchy denormalization on a cyclic graph

Based the documentation of Hierarchy denormalization,

Hierarchy Denormalization is a feature that gives the ability to flatten a huge acyclic graph data structure and store in a flat table for later analysis

I’m wondering whether hierarchy denormalization works with a cyclic graph (a graph containing at least one graph cycle).

One use case of a cyclic graph is a linear relationship graph. For example, transmission lines in Electric power transmission network.

As the documentation says, we currently DO NOT support cycles in hierarchy denorm

@rohit.sureka is there any issue that we shouldn’t add support of it? or just we haven’t added the support yet?

I did experiment on using Hierarchy denorm on cyclic graph, and it turns out that it does not work as HierarchyDenormBatchJob keeps running and doesn’t complete.

@rohit.sureka do we have plan to add support of cyclic graph into Hierarchy denorm?