Help with error: One or more DataLoadProcessLogs were rejected


I’m getting the above error in DataLoadProcessLog.fetch()

The file was successfully loaded, but processing (transforms) failed.

 status: FAILED
 uploadStatus: SUCCESS
 processLogStatus: REJECTED
 errorMsg: One or more DataLoadProcessLogs were rejected

There is no additional information for what the error is. What can I do to find out more information?




You can also check out the upload log status:

and review the content you have successfully loaded:


DataLoadProcessLog shows this message when one or more of the processLogs for the same file fails. So you might have to check the other entries of the process log for the same file for further information. Also you could also check the failedContent in the DataLoadProcessLog for more information.


Hi All,

Just wanted to close the loop on this.

I did look at c3Grid(DataLoadProcessLog.fetch()) – that is where my screenshot came from. The problem I was facing - is that the information I posted above was ALL that I was getting back in terms of error messages.

Normally, I DO see detailed error messages.

For whatever reason, I needed platform support to get into the raw logs to find out what the issue was. Will try to isolate the issue and provide more details through a proper ticket.

Thanks for the tip on

… that’s something new for me.

Thanks again everyone.


I’m getting the same error message on DataLoadUploadLog but I don’t even see DataLoadProcessLog when I try to fetch them…