Getting rid of provisioning warnings


We have six big warnings when provisioning in v7.6.1, the customers are never sure if they miss something important. The last one starts with:

{fileUrl:"meta://customer/project/package.json",lineNum:0,colNum:0,severity:"WARNING",message:" Invalid type RequestChartConfig!

The same warnings show up in the console, on every c3switch. I noticed that the following command removes all the six warnings in the console:


Hopefully, this type can be safely removed.
Is there something that can be done to remove the warnings during provisioning?



In one case, adding a dependency on the efficiency package removed 4 warnings (even though this package is not used by the application).
In another case, I found references to non-existing types in EnableAclPrivileges db objects.
And in one case, a function was declared in c3typ file but not implemented.

And I also found some hidden warnings in 2-3 screens of warnings.



Take a look also at what’s returned by DbMetadataIssue.fetch(). Are the warnings you’re seeing also listed there?

I’m not sure on the underlying dependencies here, but in the past I have safely done a DbMetadataIssue.removeAll() which has reduced the warnings displayed at login. It seems like some warnings are kind of residual and may continue being displayed even if they no longer apply.



Here is a workaround: in your src directory, create a subdirectory c3-prov, and inside it create a file for each invalid type:


type InvalidType


I recommend ignoring the warnings that come from c3 supplied code. We are actively working to remove them but the process takes some time.