flattenWindows=false use case


In what situation would you want to set flattenWindows=false on a @ DFE() annotation?


For performance, use flattenWindows=true; We should make this default.

inital usecase was with flattenWindows=false, a dfe has interval=Day period 7Day; User wants to write “process” function that expecting timeseries of 7days of data in each call; when data changed for 30 days, process will be called 30 times each call with 7days of data containing atleast one day of changed data. ( change startDate-6 to change endaData+6. each shifting by a day.)

with flattenWindows=true, You get one timeseries of data with all invalidated timerage ( with ± 6days). caller needs handle chunking of data to desired buckets or not. User needs implement processSource function.