Filter Cluster.actionDump() to identity action from specific user



Using Cluster.actionDump(), is it possible to filter the output to see only the actions from a specific user.



Cluster.actionDump accepts these parameters tenant, tag, byThread so you can filter by tenant/tag/byThread.
Unfortunately you cannot directly filter by user! even if you loop over the result returned by this function as ClusterAction does not hold any information on the original user.

That been said, what you can do is use the id from the returned ClusterAction in a splunk search query as it;s the root action id, e.g.

host="..." t_tenant="..." t_tag="..." a_rid="your_cluster_action_id"


May be it is splunk the best place to look for this info - given a type and the running action it should be shown also the user that called it


Thanks guys. True I did not think about splunk it would be easier to filter from there.

Thanks !