Fill Missing in TsDecl


I have a metric using TSDecl like this

“id”: “MyMetric_MyType”,
“name”: “MyMetric”,
“srcType”: “MyType”,
“path”: “myPath”,
“tsDecl”: {
“data”: “myData”,
“start”: “start”,
“end”: “end”,
“treatment”: “SUM”,
“value”: “myValue”,
“transform”: “fillMissing(this, 0)”

In spite of using fillMissing I can still get missing data on the metric result. How is it possible? Is there a way to solve this?


The transform is supposed to be applied after the time series has been constructed as per instructions in tsDecl. There are no further manipulations applied to the time series. So unless there is a bug in the fillMissing function in general, this should not be happening and returning you data with everything available.