Fields not populated in MapReduceRun


I’ve a MapReduce job that runs successfully and output a result (not sure yet if it’s correct).
When looking at the MapReduceRun instance associated with this job, I see that numBatches, batchSize, results where not populated!!

> MapReduceRun.get('5KL', 'numBatches, batchSize, results')
{id: "5KL", version: 6, results: Array(0), versionEdits: Array(0)}

batchSize is still not populated in MapReduceRun even when I set it (i.e. batchSize) in when creating the job, before running it.
How I can get full information on the run MapReduce jobs? and why MapReduceRun is not proving these details?


Hi @bachr, did you get an answer to these questions?
More specifically, I’m looking to get the number of batches inside a map().