Extract data from 2 different table linked


Hi, how can I extract values from 2 different table, ServicePoint and Facility, where a ServicePoint is always linked to one Facility? I would a list of ServicePoint id and information about related Facility.

I would extract:
ID_SERVICE_POINT (field present in ServicePoint)
ADDRESS (field present in Facility)
CITY (field present in Facility)

In ServicePoint I have a field called facility where I have the id of the related Facility.



Try with this:

c3Grid(ServicePoint.fetch({include: 'facility.address1, facility.city'}))

For instance, you can access those fields with:

var sps = ServicePoint.fetch({include: 'facility.address1, facility.city'}).at('objs')
var lines = sps.map(function(sp) {
  return [sp.id, sp.facility.address, sp.facility.city].join(',');

Or you can try c3Grid(ServicePoint.fetch({include: ‘facility.this’}))

to retrieve all Facility attributes


facility.this returns everything on facility: fields, calc fields, foreign attributes, etc. Serving such request may quickly became too slow. When it comes to fetch include as less as you can.


In both the case it seems doesn’t work. The system returns only the ServicePoint “id” and the field “facility” in which I have (for example)
“type”: “Facility”,
“id”: “60”,
“HDDBase”: 20,
“CDDBase”: 26


@lauraminicucci are the Facility.address1 and Facility.city stored calc?
in this case you need to refresh calc fields first



Hey, the solution given from Bachir works

var sps = ServicePoint.fetch({include: ‘facility.address1, facility.city’}).at(‘objs’)
var lines = sps.map(function(sp) {
return [sp.id, sp.facility.address1, sp.facility.city].join(’,’);