External Type : Sap hana table with slash in column name


in case you have an external type connected to a SAP Hana table be sure to properly escape the “/” characters in case one of the table columns has slash in the name.

Es column name = COLUMN/1/FIELD

field: string schema name ‘“COLUMN\/1\/FIELD”’

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@marcosordi I’m not sure what you mean by this. I was able to create the following test type (after fixing a bug in 7.8):

entity type TestEnelPOCHanaSpecialCharacters mixes External, NoSystemCols schema name ‘HANA_SP_CHARS’ {
id: ~ schema name ‘SP_ID’
field1: string schema name ‘/BI0/PCOORDER’
field2: string schema name ‘/bi0/pooorder2’

Note that I didn’t have to do escape anything. Is this because of the “1” right after the slash?

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@trothwein you are right in a former version of the server it did not work - I just tried with a newer (7.8.1+) and no need to escape it works fine