Evaluate across postgres and cassandra types - possible?


I have to entity types: MyPg, stored in postrgres, and MyCass, stored in cassandra.

entity type MyPg ... {
    pg_field1 : string
    mycass : [MyCass] (parent)

entity type MyCass ... {
    cass_field1 : string
    parent : MyPg

Is it possible to write an evaluate statement and project field1? e.g.

MyCass.evaluate({ projection: cass_field1, parent.pg_field1''})?

The command runs without errors, but I’m finding that fields from MyPg are not returned.

Can the reverse work as well? e,g.

MyPg.evaluate({ projection: pg_field1, mycass.cass_field1''})?

Again, in my testing, the call runs without errors - but no data is returned.

As such, I’m not sure if I have run into a bug - or if this is working as designed,…


I had similar experience with fetch. I ended up breaking one fetch into two.


I would say it should either work or give you an error explaining why it isn’t supported. I would file a ticket.