Eval() function


suppose I have a compound metric expression that does the following:

CX: “eval(‘AVG’, ‘MONTH’, window(‘SUM’, X, -3, 3))”

If I want to evaluate CX at DAY interval between 2019-02-15 and 2019-03-15, will it:

  1. Get X at MONTH interval for 2018-11 -> 2019-02
  2. Sum up value of X for 2019-02 and 2019-03 (Nov, Dec, Jan values for 2019-02 interval and Dec, Jan, Feb values for 2019-03 interval)
  3. Returns the same sum value of 2019-02 for each day between 2019-02-15 and 2019-03-01 (excluded); returns the same sum value of 2019-03 for each between 2019-03-01 and 2019-03-15 (excluded)

Could you please confirm?