ES6 syntax support


Do we support ES6 syntax?

Can I write the following in test files?

`Wrong email address got "${currentRowEmailAddress}" but expected "${emailAddress}"`


Rhino doesn’t support most ES6 features, so anything run in the js server runtime (Rhino) cannot use those features. I know for sure that the version of Rhino used does not support template strings.

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Thanks @matt, but what about plain jasmine test files? I believe they are not run on Rhino, right?


  • If using c3 node, the jasmine tests will run on node
  • If using c3 tester, the jasmine tests will be run in a BatchJob, so these will in fact be run on Rhino
  • (Not 100% sure about this one, @matt might know more) I believe when you run a jasmine test in console, it will run on the server as well unless you put a debugger line somewhere in the test - that forces the test to be run within the browser
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