Error while running DFE


We get this error while running DFE. I have seen this error before but do not remember how it was fixed.

Any ideas?

detail: { … }
failedActionId: 9732.35151132
errorMsg: unable to preprocess sources for 29 DFEs: C3RuntimeException: unable to load metric ‘HistoricalServiceLevelPast90Days’ for ID AT460070_DW01 (start 2015-03-20T00:00:00.000Z, end 2018-03-19T00:00:00.000Z): C3RuntimeException: MetricEngine error : Could not extract the value field from instance null at at at at at at at at at at at at c3.service.metric.AsTimeseriesGroup.evaluateFromObjs( at c3.service.metric.AsTimeseriesGroup.evaluate( at c3.service.metric.AsTimeseriesOptimizer.evaluate( at c3.service.metric.AsTimeseries.getEvalResult( at c3.service.metric.AsTimeseries.asTimeseries( at c3.service.metric.SimpleMetricEvaluator.evaluateAsTimeseriesBasedMetric( at c3.service.metric.SimpleMetricEvaluator.evaluateMetric( at c3.service.metric.MetricEvaluatableOld.compute( at c3.service.metric.MetricEvaluatableOld.computeResultsFromHierarchies( at c3.service.metric.MetricEvaluatableOld.eval( at$cache$129( at$mul$36( at$cache$129( at at at$eval$81( at$cache$129( at$cache$129( at$exists$105( at$cache$129( at



I’d guess, based on the stack trace (specifically DimensionObj.checkValue and DimensionObj.noValueField), that something is wrong with your data. . Maybe check to see if some of your TimeseriesData objects have a unit but no value?