Error python function

Hi all,
in my_type.c3typ I declare my_func: member function(dataset : Dataset) : any.
in I implement:

import pandas
def my_func(dataset : Dataset):
    df = c3.Dataset.toPandas(dataset)

But when I run :

this error occurs:
"wrapped RuntimeException: No output from python for action my_func"

what does that error depend on?

Thank you

@gdellefontane1 I think you should remove any in function declaration - since the output of the return is “none”

The error persist also removing any

This is a member function, so the first argument of your implementation should be this:

def my_func(this, dataset):
    df = c3.Dataset.toPandas(dataset)
    # ...

If your function does not return anything, do not put return alone, and remove the : any in the function declaration in my_type.c3typ (all of that is useless and reduces readability).

Thank you Camille, I forgot to write this as first argument in this topic but I wrote it in the code.
As suggested I removed the return, but the error persist also in this case

Another common error is that you have a bad syntax somewhere in your python file so the platform is not even able to execute it and it returns nothing.
Please double check that you do not have any error in your code.

Hi Camille,
as you said the error was related to the syntax error (Copy&paste error, I have = = instead of =).
Thank you