Error: Filter by parent is required when applying any other filter



I am writing a fetch spec with a filter like so:

c3Grid(PointMeasurement.fetch({filter: “contains(parent,‘RCK157’)”, limit:20}))

And I get the error: “Filter by parent is required when applying any other filter”.

Can someone explain to me what the problem is?



Traversing types with TimeseriesDataPoint

Cassandra fetches can only be done for specific parent ids. You’ll probably need to get the exact parent ids first and then fetch the PointMeasurements with an intersects filter - something like “intersects(parent, [‘RCK157a’, ‘RCK157b’, …]”

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Is there anything other than eq and intersect that can be used for filtering in Cassandra on the parent/header? We tried contains but it does not work.

We would like to fetch all PointMeasurement of all PointPhysicalMeasurementSeries of all MeterAsset (in field asset) with an id that contains a specific substring. This is to reduce the number of fetches as they are the bottleneck.




Cassandra does not do SQL-style search/filters on the partition keys themselves. You need to provide one or more specific keys, so the two options you listed are probably all you can do.

When dealing with a large number of series, MapReduce may end up being a faster option than running a massive fetch.