End datetime was set to start datetime in Measurement


Has anyone experienced with an issue where the Measurement start and end time are the same, but the raw interval data are correct. e.g.
raw data: start=2017-11-05T08:15:00, end=2017-11-05T08:30:00

After loading the data,
Cassandra data: start=2017-11-05T08:15:00.000, end=2017-11-05T08:15:00.000

The quantity.value remains correct. Wipe out the measurement data and reload and the issue goes away. However, we have upgraded the server once or twice since the original data load. Don’t know what the root cause is. We have one env left to show this scenario, but we will wipe it out later today and reload the data.



This is intermittent, right? Not reliably reproducible?



Happened once in all three envs (stage, qa, prod). Most likely not reproducible unless we downgrade the server to prior version and reload the data. 374 out of 2054 PhysicalMeasurementSeries were affected.