Display a boolean field as checkbox in Kendo grid

Let’s assume I have the following type:

entity type MyType {
    myBooleanField: boolean

I would like to display its boolean field as a checkbox in a UIViewKendoGrid.
I tried the following data and columns in a UIViewKendoGrid component:

"data": {
    "collection": {
        "collection": true, 
        "c3Type": "MyType", 
        "c3function": "fetch", 
        "responseSelector": "objs", 
        "c3arguments": {
            "spec": {
                "include": "myBooleanField"
"columns": [
        "label": "MyBoolean",
        "colType": "checkbox",
        "field": "myBooleanField"

However, I always view an non-ticked checkbox (false) even with a MyType instance which has myBooleanField set to true:
Is there a way to see the actual value of my boolean field in the grid as a checkbox?

Hi @Hugues, check out this post I made:

in your custom formatter, return <input type="checkbox"> or <input type="checkbox" checked>

Note, this won’t interact with data sources on the page and their selections.

@sean.summers, it worked perfectly, really appreciate your help there.

No problem for the lack of interactions with data sources, I am handling those with a behavior.