Disable async processing for specific queues

There is a way via TenantConfig to disable all asynchronous processing (TenantConfig.putConfig('AsyncProcessingDisabled', true)) that will make it so data loading will not invalidate any fields. Is there a way to do this but for only certain queues? For instance I want to load data with stored calcs being disabled but none of the other queues (normalization, analytics, etc). Then after the data load I can then manually refresh stored calcs.

i do not believe this exists.

we have worked around this by pausing that specific queue and then manually clearing the entries of interest.

for example, if you just want to clear stored calc entries for a specific type you can do:

CalcFieldsQueue.clear({targetTypeId: <TypeId>})

and then refresh stored calcs later

We did same for another customer, yes. If the queue ends up growing very quickly and stressing out Postgres, you may need to run the clear() in a loop with sleep, to make sure it never grows huge. (Or put in a cron job temporarily.)