Different responses between TenantConfig.get and TenantConfig.config


Both TenantConfig.get action and TenantConfig.config action return TenantConfig obj.

However, if the object doesn’t exist, the return value are different. TenantConfig.get returns null whereas TenantConfig.config returns {}.

Also, the console automatically add {versionEdits: Array[0], userUpdatedFields: Array[0]} into the response of TenantConfig.config, as following show,

>> TenantConfig.get('fake') 
>> null
>> TenantConfig.config('fake')
>> Object {versionEdits: Array[0], userUpdatedFields: Array[0]}

My questions are

  1. why responses are different given that they both return TenantConfig obj
  2. why console automatically add versionEdits and userUpdatedFields into response of TenantConfig.config

P.S.,below is a screenshot of the console