Difference between start() and doStart() for BatchJob


What is the difference between those 2 functions?


@romain.juban According to the documentation:

* Starts the job with the supplied options.
* @param options
* Options to run the job with.
* @return the status of the started job.
start: member function(options: OT): ST


* This is the starting point of your batch job. This function will be invoked first by the batch engine.
* In this function, write logic to create & schedule batches {@link BatchJob#scheduleBatch}
* that should be distributed across the cluster.
doStart: abstract function(job: JT, options: OT)

so not sure where the confusion is. You “call” start to start your job and, if you are the batch job implementor, you “implement” doStart and that is called asynchronously in response to start being called.