Dictionary of Observation phrases



We want to use the WeatherStation Observations to display weather forecast (sunny, cloudy, etc.). We need to map all the sentences that could be generated to different images.
qualifier is not populated, therefore we only have the phrases. However the dictionary of possible values is not shown in c3ShowType(Observation).

Can you forward us the dictionary used by your weather data provider so that we can set up an exhaustive mapping? (rain, wind, snow, sunny, etc.)




Unfortunately our weather data provider has not provided us with dictionary values for the qualifier field. The only sample value they provided (it is an optional field) is “QQ0063”.



The qualifier seems kind of standard so we could maybe parse it, but it’s not populated. Do you know if there’s a way to force its retrieval?



Unfortunately we cannot force its retrieval. Its marked as an optional field in their API. That said, I do not believe it contains the information you are looking for.

I think you want a different field provided by their API which contains a description (257 phrases) about the weather at the reporting station. Unfortunately we are not persisting this attribute today. I will log an enhancement.