dateEditorFormat not working


I’ve a KendoGrid (platform version 7.2) that has a date column, I’ve set a date picker and tried to configure the format as follows:

"columns": [
    "id": "start",
    "label": "start",
    "field": "start",
    "format": {
      "funk": "moment",
      "args": "M/D/YYYY H:mm:ss"
    "align": "left",
    "colType": "date",
    "editor": "dateTime",
    "editorConfig": {
      "dateEditorFormat": ["M/D/YYYY H:mm:ss"]
    "editorParseFormats": ["M/D/YYYY H:mm:ss"]

The format value is not working, the date picket keeps using it’s default format. This is how date picker uses custom formats

Also, when I create a new record and choose a date, the final value of the cell is shifted by one hour (i.e. from local time to UTC), I explicitly used moment in the format to avoid this but this works only for data fetched by the DataSource and not new dates chosen by the date picker!!

Any thoughts on how to fix this unwanted behavior?