Date operator in filterConfig is not working


I’ve a KendoGrid with a date type columns that I want to use in filtering. I’ve defined filterConfig so that I can compare the date of the KendoGrid rows to a reference date. Here is the column config:

  "id": "end",
  "label": "end",
  "field": "end",
  "format": {
    "funk": "localTime",
    "args": "M/D/YYYY h:mm:ss a"
  "align": "left",
  "colType": "date",
  "editor": "dateTime",
  "filterable": true,
  "filterConfig": {
    "extra": false, 
    "ui": "datetimepicker",
    "operators": {
      "date": {
        "gt": "Before",
        "lt": "After"

This does not seem to work because I only see the labels I defined for the date operator but rather labels from the string operator like contains or startwith!

Any idea what’s the problem here and how to fix it to be able to compare dates?

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It seems like by default, we have string and num support, you can extend them by provide more options in filterConfig in KendoGrid. Thanks.