Persistable types have the remove(instance) and removeAll(filter) methods.
I am trying to execute DataLoadProcessLog.reprocess() for many instances. Is there an API where I can submit a filter instead of an individual instance? It would save a lot of time.


DataLoadProcessLog is deprecated, see the declaration:

 * The following provides methods to retry failed, (or) an ability to retry the whole content
@db(index=['targetTypeId, source, chunkNumber', 'targetTypeId, status', 'status'])
@deprecated(finalVersion='7.9', details='Use SourceFile type instead')
entity type DataLoadProcessLog mixes MetricEvaluatable schema name 'DATALOAD_DLPRLOG'

You should try with SourceFile


Unfortunately you cannot do that on DataLoadProcessLog directly. But the way you can achieve it is by using something like this

DataLoadProcessLog.fetch({filter: <yourFilter>}).objs.each(function(dl){

In the future 7.7 onwards you will be able to use SourceFile which takes a filter for process.
For more information you can check c3ShowType(SourceFile)