Custom namespaces w/ types not resolving to proper type?


I started playing around with a concept today on how to group types together.

So the way I achieved this was to follow the same structure as Ann. There is a base type called Ann, which contains nothing and remixes ‘itself’ (which I assume is actually the underlying java type-system type of Ann). When new annotations are created they are called Ann.MyNewAnnotationName and become a field inside Ann of MyNewAnnotationName, turning Ann into a collection of all types within it’s namespace.

So I created my new type Foo, I remixed nothing because there is no base type it can remix. I then created a type Foo.MyNewType and amazingly when I provisioned it worked! Foo had a new field of MyNewType and MyNewType lived under Foo, except one problem. I am unable to actually look at the type MyNewType.

When I try to c3ShowType(Foo.MyNewType) it directs me to the page as if I called c3ShowType(Type) and if I try c3ShowType(“Foo.MyNewType”) it gives me an error. What do I need to do in order to allow the type system to properly resolve to the type of the constant field within Foo? I had assumed the same system governing Ann would work here as I saw no extra annotations, but sadly no dice. If I can get the system to recognize Foo.MyNewType as the correct type, this will be very powerful for me.

Thank you :smile:!



You’re using a beta, hidden feature which is not released or documented yet :slight_smile:
@JohnCoker do you know what works and what doesn’t at this point?



I don’t know anything specifically about a custom namespace feature. It looks like something is marked @beta; what is it?




You probably know it as Nested Types.

My understanding is that this feature is in beta and that Emmerson found a reason why its still in beta