Custom favicon & title


How can I customize the favicon and title to appear on browser tab?
I tried to put my logo under ui/content/assets/images/C3-favicon.png but it does not seem to work!


The fix is basically,

  1. have a custom index.html inside content/assets/ that points to your favicon.
  2. setup hostname on local machine
$ scutil --set HostName awesome-machine
$ scutil --get HostName
$ cat << EOF >> /etc/hosts       awesome-machine
  1. create the vanity URL endpoint
VanityUrl.merge(VanityUrl.make({id:'awesome-machine', name:'awesome-machine', defaultContent:'index.html', tenant:'supertenant', tag:'prettytag'}))
  1. Set the c3ui_enviroment that will be used by UI component
TenantConfig.upsert({id: 'c3ui_environment', name: 'c3ui_environment', value: 'development'});
  1. Go to http://awesome-machine:8080/