CRON jobs didn't trigger at a scheduled time

Five cron jobs scheduled to run at an interval for a certain duration during the day. For the last three days, they are not executing at a scheduled time. When I looked into the Splunk logs, I can see below events for the “CronRecoveryTask”.

“CronQueue recovery adding entry for CronJob id=trigger-for-AlertJobInverter”
“CronQueue recovery removing targetObjId=trigger-for-AlertJobInverter from CronQueue”

We tried to clear the Cron entries manually; however, it didn’t help. I suspect that the CronRecoveryTask is messing up the cron schedule. Rest of the cron jobs are working fine.

Any idea why cron jobs didn’t trigger? Thanks.

@rohitkalmankar Can you give me the url for the system (canonical preferably)?