Creating a new user

In the documentation I found this wrt creating a new user:

User Administration allows you to create new users. In order to do so, you navigate to the ‘Administer’ submenu, the ‘User Administration’ tab and select ‘Create a New User’ on the top right of the page under the ‘Actions’ dropdown. Here you can provide the First Name, Last Name and Email Address for this user.

In what?

The Administer submenu of what tool or application? I just finished training and the only tool we used was the console. (and a little Postman).

Is there a tool I need to provision a new user? I can’t use the Console to do so? If so, where is that documentation?

Hey there,

That documentation refers to the UserAdministration tool, which is deployed as part of IDS. YOu might not have IDS deployed to your environment (yet).

To create users from the console see the type IdentityManager and associated apis (IdentiytManager.createUser, IdentityManager.addUserToGroup, etc)

Ok, good information. Let me poke around the IdentityManager type and see if I can work this out on my own.