Coursera Training Issue (Week 2)

I’m having trouble with the example lightbulb application. There is an exercise in week two where I’m asked to run a command (Fixture.get(‘fixt1’).currentBulb) as an example. The result I get however:

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘currentBulb’ of null

The commands in the following quiz similarly return errors. I would appreciate help troubleshooting.

Hi Doug,

This error says that Fixture.get('fixt1') is returning a null value, which means a fixture with id ‘fixt1’ doesn’t actually exist in the database. The get method returns the type object with the id you pass.

You may be able to confirm this with a c3Grid(Fixture.fetch()) which will display in static console all instances of Fixture in the system.

Have you actually upserted or merged the records yet to persist them in the database?

I haven’t had any interactions with the database in the course yet, that I can recall. Can you point me to the part of the course with the steps I’ve missed?

(There are no instances of Fixture in the system, correct. My question was more about ‘what did I do wrong in the course to arrive at this situation?’)

Hi @doug_ENGIE,

I’ve checked your tag ( and noticed that you’ve provisioned a package named lightbulb. lightbulb is the default value when you use the UI Provisioner tool as shown below.

This will provision a package (without data), but this is not the package referred to in the instructions.
For the C3 Fundamentals course, the name of the package you should be provisioning is lightbulbExercise. For the rest of the course, make sure to change this field to say lightbulbExercise when provisioning the lightbulbExercise package. Please try provisioning again, but changing the field name.

We’re working on a fix to rename the tenant in this environment to avoid this confusion in the future.