Courseera Training Issues (Week 5)


I’m having issues deploying my code to the C3 Developer Environment. Starting with Week 5 (Capstone Project Part 4), Metrics don’t appear to be deployed with the classes. I attempted to deploy the ‘finished solution example’ found here:
However, I’m getting the same results. SmartBulb.listMetrics() only shows the 10 metrics the are inherited.

My server version is 7.7

Is there something I’m doing wrong?



Hi James,

If you’re using the UI Provisioner, sometimes the browser doesn’t fully upload the package - I suspect it’s a browser cacheing issue.
Please try this: Try closing down your browser, reopening it, and then attempt to provision again.

Please let me know if this helps.





Hi Steve,

Sorry I’m just now getting back to you. My workload lately has been a bit crazy.

I tried closing the browser, downloading the code from the last page of this document:

And I provisioned it. It didn’t throw any errors, though there were a couple warnings. The data I’d previously uploaded is still there, as I tried to find data for a specific Smartbulb and got a response.


However, when I try to run one of the metrics, I get an error.

            <img border="0" width="519" height="141" style="width:5.4062in;height:1.4687in" id="Picture_x0020_2" src="/uploads/c3energy/original/1X/7abecc9ac6d47c138b2c7144e32e7b7c4c2c43ea.png" alt="cid:image002.png@01D46081.03555A40">

I tried SmartBulb.listMetrics() and I could only find these…

            <img border="0" width="240" height="304" style="width:2.5in;height:3.1666in" id="Picture_x0020_3" src="/uploads/c3energy/original/1X/a5bd3abc39d4e146e0419d7c52750c1c2c20ae24.png" alt="cid:image003.png@01D46081.03555A40">

And I made sure that everything was in the proper place.

            <img border="0" width="438" height="255" style="width:4.5625in;height:2.6562in" id="Picture_x0020_4" src="/uploads/c3energy/original/1X/0431dd5e4885f28f491bd4106e454429daea7af3.png" alt="cid:image004.png@01D46081.5BD217D0">

I’m at a loss as to what’s going wrong.




Hi James,

Did you provision with the “Reset” checkbox checked?

In looking at your tag (dev26), I’m seeing that the Type SmartBulb isn’t defined… as well as other errors that look like they could be related to not using the Reset checkbox.




I did.

Also, if SmartBulb wasn’t defined, I shouldn’t have been able to call SmartBulb.lifeSpanInYears().

I did try to provision the next section with “reset” checked and it threw an error, which may be why is wasn’t defined when you checked.

And it does work (run just now):

AveragePower isn’t recognized:

But the default metrics are:

(c3Viz on this shows a straight line, which is to be expected since it’s data from a single day)




Hi James,

I think it might be a provisioning issue on your end.
I was able to successfully provision the package, and now I see 22 Metrics defined on SmartBulb.
Can you try your Metric evaluation again?

When you closed Chrome, did you close all instances?
If you provision new files, do those appear on the server?
This might be a bug. cc @rileysiebel

Also, Are you sure you provisioned the correct package?
My file count was 56 files (but it could be because of a different OS).



Yes, I was able to run the metrics after you provisioned the package.

I’m using a package I downloaded directly from the link I sent you previously. As far as I can tell, it only has 50 files. I was using version 7.7.

I’ve tried closing all instances of Chrome. If I encounter this problem again, I’ll try closing all instances of Chrome again, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll restart my PC just to be sure.

Thanks for your help through this. I just wish I knew what I was doing wrong, if anything.





Again, thanks for the help. I do think it’s a bug.

I tried provisioning the next lesson in the capstone project, and I’m getting similar problems. The metrics aren’t showing up in the SmartBulb type any more. I was going to try provisioning from a different browser (ugh, Internet Explorer), but the site is stuck on “Setting Up”.

I’m fairly sure this isn’t a problem with the network here at work, as I first tried provisioning from home and was having similar problems. Could it be a problem with Windows 7? I’m trying to think of any ways my home setup and work setups are the same…

If worse comes to worse, would it be possible for you to provision the final capstone project?

I’ve already completed all the instructions, but I still need to answer the quizzes in Coursera.




Hi Steve,

Just wanted to give an update. I’m not sure if anything changed on your guys’ end, but I did finally get one of my PCs to provision the code without issue.

I tried provisioning from my work PC (Windows 7), my home PC (Windows 7), a coworker’s PC (Windows 10) and none of them worked… But my laptop at home (Windows 8) did work.

I don’t understand why it worked, but I’m just glad it did. I’ll let you know if I have any more problems.


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