Connecting Two External Types in different databases


I am trying to connect two external types in different databases. For example: Let us say that the external type names are House and Pet that are on different databases. I have a foreign key reference in pet in a PostGres database that tells me the id of the house. I am able to make create the data for pet with the foreign key reference to House but, I am unable to do a filter or include on a fetch of House data from Pet.

I am able to do a filter/include on the types if both House and Pet are in the same database.

If the House type is an internal type. I am able to do an include but, not a fetch filter.

Is the functionality that I mentioned on the three cases intended or are there bugs that are causing this problem?



I am interested as well…



Filtering is not supported across any databases/datastores due to the fact that there is no possible way to create a sql query that spans them.