Compound metric get field from type


I have my_type in which there is a field simple_metric_name : string.
I have also a simple metric with same name simple_metric_name.
What I would like to know is how I can create a compound metric like this:

  "id": "my_compound_id",
  "name": "my_compound_name",
  "expression": "my_type.simple_metric_name > 0"

I don’t know how I can access to my_type.simple_metric_name.
How I can do it or something like this?



You can define one simple metric per value of your field simple_metric_name like this:

    "id": "simple_metric_gt_0_1",
    "name": "simple_metric_gt_0_1",
    "srcType": "my_type",
    "expression": "expression for simple metric 1 > 0"
  . . .

Then combine them in your Compound metric as follows:

  "id": "my_compound_id",
  "name": "my_compound_name",
  "expression": "simple_metric_gt_0_1 || simple_metric_gt_0_2 || simple_metric_gt_0_3 ..."


This should be a good solution but in my case I can’t use it, there is a way to access a field of type defined in the same package from compound metric?


no you have to expose your field in a simple metric that use this one the final compound metric.


ok, could I create a simpleMetric with an actionDecl that call a function in which I pass the value of field in my_type?

name_value: string

    "id": "my_id",
    "name": "my_name",
    "srcType": "my_type",
    "actionDecl": {
       "action": "do_something(my_type.name_value)"


yeah with actionDecl you can do what ever you wish, the down side is that it’s a js code thus very slow compared to pure metrics with expressions.