Comments in json metrics


Writing metrics implies coding in javascript and/or writing a sort of code as strings embedded in a JSON file, which do not accept comments and highlight
I have written my metrics in json format. Putting comments in code is a best practice (for using same code in future, to share code with our colleagues). How could we add comments to a json file?
Thank you!



As you say, you cannot add comments into a JSON file, but Metrics have a field called description, maybe you can include your comments in there.



There is also an open request to add a “comments” field, as sometimes the “description” field is used when presenting metrics in the UI as it can provide an end user context for what time series they are looking at.

So I second the suggestion to use the description field for now, but do know that we are looking to add a field dedicated for developer <> developer comments, so that “description” can be reserved for developer <> end user communication.