Chrome Static/console provisioner not uploading files

Has anyone ever seen a case where a developer is trying to provision through the static/console tool, and when they go to select the folder containing the repository.json file (and all the package folders), it only recognizes the repository.json file — and does not actually upload the rest of the packages/folders/files to the browser so that the “deploy” button can be pressed successfully?

Provisioning completes successfully, but no types from the lightbulb package are deployed.
We’re seeing this with a Shell developer in training now. We’ve tried the following:

  • restarting chrome
  • using an incognito browser
  • removing all spaces in the folder path
  • deploying to a different tag
  • deploying a different week’s solutions (currently trying to deploy week 5 solution code with no user-made changes)
  • there’s a package.json file, and it has the same name as the package folder and the chrome input field

Screenshot of the issue (note that the folder structure is on the right, and the package name is correctly specified, but only the repository.json is uploaded, no other files):

Normal screenshot (note that many more files are imported):

we just had success in MS Edge, so it’s a chrome-specific issue, but still quite puzzling, and it’d be good to figure out what the settings/chrome configs might be that are causing this. We’ll post any updates if we solve it, so others can troubleshoot quickly in the future.

Solution was to move the package folder to a folder that is not synced with OneDrive - sometimes chrome doesn’t pick up on the links between files and folders in folders that are synced from OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, etc. Moving the folder to a non-OneDrive-synced location allowed provisioning to go through.

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