Chart date not set and metrics don't plot


I created a page with UIViewUsageAndEvents component and confirming that:

  1. my page loads successfully without errors
  2. I have a few series/metrics defined. When clicking them, I see in the network flows the REST calls for evalMetrics are successful - and the response from such calls return data as expected.

However, the metrics do not plot anything. The chart just says “no data”.

Further, despite having set startDate and endDate - the date range widgets are not set (they are blank).


  "startDate":  "2017-05-01",
   "endDate": "2018-04-30",

Setting them manually to a valid date range (for the data I expect returned from the metrics) does not result in any plots either. I have this code working on other pages - which is also strange.

I believe that the date widget not being set properly is an important clue as to what I may have done wrong. I tried setting a breakpoint and trace, but not enough experience to really know what to look for and uncertain if I’m setting breakpoints in useful places.

Please help!



Do you have the ignoreMissing field set on your UIViewUsageAndEvents component? What are the missing values for that evalMetrics call?