Can't remove all measurements in tag


I’m having problem trying to get rid of all measurements in tag, knowing that I have several transform types which map to RegisterMeasurement with different non required fields (except required inherited ones).

So basically, trying to run RegisterMeasurement.removeAll() returns the following error:

Fetching results in a similar problem, I assure there are polymorphic RegisterMeasurements, the client side can’t show.

… }

I can’t figure out how to proceed,

Please help.

Many thanks.


also, I forgot to mention, that I blindly removed series. So I can’t remove by parent field. :cold_face:

Also my thread here I think shares the same root of problem.


Seems like something is wrong & might need more investigation, but you could try doing RegisterMeasurement.clearCollection() IF AND ONLY IF this is not a multi tenant system


@rohit.sureka thanks for the hint, what do you mean by IF AND ONLY IF this is not a multi tenant system? Can we just run this on the target tenant/tag?


Actually, you should be fine. The engine should take care of deleting data only for the given tenant/tag.

   * Removes all data from a type.  It is equivalent to calling {@link removeAll} without specifying a filter.
   * @param disableAsyncProcessing
   *        If true, then no invalidation for async processing will be done.
  clearCollection: function(disableAsyncProcessing: boolean)
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If this is an equivalent to removeAll, and removeAll doesn’t work for him - this is likely to fail as well?