CanonicalTestRunner.generateExpectedResult() attempts to store exported results on S3 instead of specified absolute path


When running this script:

var testPackage = MetadataStore.current().package("myPackage", true);
var testPath = MetadataPath.make({
  repository: testPackage.repository,
  package: testPackage.package, 
  category: MetadataFileCategory.OTHER, 
  encodedSubPath: "test/canonical/folder1"});
var absoluteLocalPath="/output"
CanonicalTestRunner.generateExpectedResult(testPath, absoluteLocalPath)

I would expect the results to be generated in folder /output/exportedExpectations.

However, I get this error message instead in the network tab:
Invalid or inaccessible URL s3://output/exportedExpectations/initial/SomeType/SomeType.json for s3

Am I missing a config or something I need to pass in to out put this file to my local filesystem?


To save the result locally, set absoluteLocalPath to file:///output