CanonicalImportDataSpec content type


The documentation says that the type of this field is ContentRef, which can be either json, csv or xml.
On the other hand, the content field of ContentRef is a string.
We are getting an invalid path value when trying to use stringified json instead of csv content, perhaps due to the @canonicalLegacy annotation in the canonical type.
Is it possible to import json content for such a canonical type?


How do it test on Jasmine in 7.8

The trick is that contentType is a MIME one, not C3 one. So this works:

  var typeRef = DeepRef.make({
    typeName: ct
  var csvText = decoder.decode(cv.content)
  var csvHead = typeRef.csvHeader().replace(/,/g, ';')
  return typeRef.importData({
    content: {
      contentType: 'text/csv',
      content: csvHead + '\n' + csvText

where ct is, for example, CanonicalMyType and cv is CSV ConentValue without header.
For JSON, one should put application/json instead of text/csv and JSON.stringifyed JSON array of objects as the inner content.