Cannot support processing


I’ve a metric of the form that simply aims to return 1 in interval when there is ServiceAgreementCharacteristicSet in the interval

    "id": "Test1_Facility",
    "name": "Test1",
    "description": "",
    "srcType": "Facility",
    "path": "servicePoints.serviceAgreements",
    "tsDecl": {
        "data": "characteristics",
        "filter": "'testCode'",
        "value": "identity(1)",
        "treatment": "PREVIOUS",
        "start": "start",
        "end": "end"
    "unit": {
        "id": "dimensionless"

When I try to evaluate it I hit the following error:

Error: MetricEngine error : 
Cannot support processing
	at c3.service.metric.AsTimeseriesGroup.evaluateFromObjs(
	at c3.service.metric.AsTimeseriesGroup.evaluate(
	at c3.service.metric.AsTimeseriesOptimizer.evaluate(
	at c3.service.metric.AsTimeseries.getEvalResult(
	at c3.service.metric.AsTimeseries.asTimeseries(
	at c3.service.metric.SimpleMetricEvaluator.evaluateAsTimeseriesBasedMetric(

What does this error means?

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It turns out I cannot use identity function which returns a timeseries. the following works fine:

"value": "1",