Cannot resolve the type FileSourceCollection



I received this error during provisioning new types:

…/seed/FileSourceCollection/CanonicalSmartBulbToFixtureRelation.json, reason=Cannot resolve the type FileSourceCollection

i got the same error for all the files in my FileSourceCollection folder…

Has anyone encountered this error before?

Thank you,


What version of server you’re trying to provision to?
I think this FileSourceCollection type exists starting from 7.7 so if you’re on 7.6 or earlier it won’t work.


I’m on 7.2… and in our project we reached 7.6… so no one around knows this technique.

In fact, I’m working on the Coursera course (preparation for the official training in RWC), the SmartBulb application…

How can I replace this technique on a 7.2 server?



if you don’t have a 7.7 or higher server you will not be able to get this working. Don’t you have access to the training environment?


Are you talking about this one: ? if it’s the case, No, I don’t have access yet (I tried with my credentials, it doesn’t work) and I think we will use it during the workshops in RWC (not sure).