Can the persistence order of a TimedDataPoint not be start?


I have a type defined as:

entity type measurementA mixes TimedDataPoint<SeriesA>{
  parent: ~

  dataVersion: ~

  creationDate: !datetime

  start: ~

  value: int

I want to set the persistence order to be creationDate because I need to fetch the raw data by creationDate in a function. Will the performance of normalization be affected?


Today we compact the timeseries (and timed) data points by converting the objects into a columnar structure and this helps us get huge compression (~10x) in comparison to storing raw objects. That will get affected when we try to change the persistence order


@rohit.sureka Do you mean the performance won’t be affected, but more space will be needed? Do you have other suggestions about how to structure the data?


Actually on checking deeper, it shouldn’t have any impact on normalization performance